Amazing Grace: Classic Hymns (Lifescapes/Target)
Dworsky as pianist and arranger

Various Artists- Winter Suite (Compass Records)

Just William - The First Book Ever (read by Martin Jarvis) (CSA Word)

Robin and Linda Williams - Visions of Love (Sugar Hill Records)
Robin and Linda Williams - This Is Americana, Vol.1: A View From Sugar Hill by Various Artists - “After the Fire Is Gone”
Robin and Linda Williams - Radio Songs (Red House Records)

John Gorka - The Company You Keep (Red House Records)

Cliff Eberhardt - The High Above And The Down Below (Red House Records)

Peter Ostroushko - The Mando Chronicles (2012;  Red House Records) a few tunes
Peter Ostroushko - When The Last Morning Glory Blooms (Red House Records)
Peter Ostroshko - Postcards (Red House Records)
Peter Ostroushko -Heart of the Heartland
(Red House Records)
Peter Ostroushko - Pilgrims on the Heart Road (Red HouseRecords)
Peter Ostroushko - Sacred Heart (Red House Records)
Peter Ostroushko - Coming Down From Red Lodge (Red House Records)
Peter Ostroushko - Minnesota, A History of the Land (Red House Records)
Peter Ostroushko - track on " House On Fire- An Urban Folk Collection -Volume 2 " (Red House Various Artists Compilation CDs)
Celtic Christmas (Peter Ostroushko: artist/producer) Compass Productions

Pat Donohue - Nobody's Fault (Blue Sky Records)
Pat Donohue - Backroads (Blue Sky Records)
Pat Donohue - Radio Blues (Prairie Home Productions)

Hopeful Gospel Quartet - Climbin' Up On the Rough Side (Highbridge)
Neal and Leandra - Old Love (Red House Records) track also on " House on Fire - An Urban Folk Collection " (Red House Records)
Neal and Leandra - Accidental Dreams (Red House)
Neal and Leandra - Stranger to My Kin (Red House)
Neal and Leandra - Hearts and Hammers (Red House)

Sally Dworsky - Start It All Over Again (Inner Vista Records)

Prudence Johnson - Vocals (Red House)

VocalEssence, Garrison Keillor, and the Hopeful Gospel Quartet - Over the River and Through the Woods
(VocalEssence Records)
VocalEssence, Garrison Keillor - Hymn to Potatos (VocalEssence Records)

Becky Schlegel - Dandelions (Lilly Ray Records)
Becky Schlegel - For All the World to See (Lilly Ray Records)

Dancing Hands (Alan Dworsky/Dean Magraw) - Jaguar at Half Moon Lake (Dancing Hands Music)

Lynn Peterson - Hymns for the Whole Family II (Hymns and Hers)

Chuck Suchy- Same Road Home (Little Bluestem Records)

Glen Helgeson - Rising Current (World View Music)
Glen Helgeson - Spirit of the Wood (NorthWord Music)
Glen Helgeson- Distant Borders

Madeleine Hart - True Hart (Crocus Hill Music)

Harbhajan Kaur - Love At Every Step (SK Publications)

David Young and Bobby Schnitzer - By Candlelight (Universe Music)

Harbhajan Kaur - Glimpses of the Beloved (SK Publications)

Richard Kriehn - Hop Skip Jump - 2 tunes 

Rocket Club - Rocket Club - One song

Kristin Chenoweth - LET YOURSELF GO (Sony Classical)
Kristin sings Richard Dworsky's song "GOIN' TO THE DANCE WITH YOU". She also performed it on PBS's "Evening at Pops"
with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops Orchestra. Airing August, 2004.